Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flew back from everywhere

I have decided to come back to this old blog of mine! This blog do bring back plenty of memories - from the young hearts post to the don't-know-what-am-I-saying posts. I can't help to keep laughing in front of my apple phone screen!

Where am I here? Simply, I'm here to blog again! (Yeah, applause!) okay, I know no one blog nowadays. There are still a handful blogging supporters! I'm gonna be one of them soon; venting to sharing posts.

I'll shortly be back w my 'first' post!

Monday, June 07, 2010

back from somewhere

alright, i am going to revive this blog. of course, my wordpress is still available. (:

but what am i going to do with this blog? hahahaha...
i'm going to transform this blog into pages about my review and the description of the shows, movies or dramas that i have watched. (:

i'm a huge fan of dramas myself! not going to keep what i have got in myself, so now i am going to post whatever i like onto this blog. (:

stay tuned!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dream Destination

Taiwan, one such heavenly place to be at. Food, Spa or Shopping - you choose, you get it.

will update my taiwan trip soon.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my next stop, School of Theology

proudly to say, i've enrolled myself to SOT this year. it was a leap of my own faith. i never imagine myself having such courage to enter into bible school. although i've heard alot of interesting incidents and stories, however, it was truly a big step for me.


nonetheless, in order to see breakthroughs and change, i've got to get myself tested. Yes, also to get equipped and trained. & congrats to my cellgroup mates! They are soon to be my classmates in SOT!! - huizhen, xinni and candice. (:

the amazing life has just begun...

p.s. flying off to taipei in few hours time. ciao.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i love You

I came across the website again.

When I lift up my head, I know You are there
Cos I can see You watching over me.
I love You, Jesus!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Year of Ox moo~

GONG XI FA CAI! It's chinese new year again!
Every single year, during this period of time, people are preparing to decorate their house with all those blessing - lian and fu. No exception, my dad brought us to Chinatown to shop for all the cny goodies. It's always crowded in Chinatown, packed with Chinese and also Indians. They also came to join the season. I must say i really enjoyed walking down the so-called pasar malam stalls. so many sample to try and lotsa of things to buy, haha! & the atmosphere is so lively and vibrant. love it!

Bai-nian is always enjoyable when there's angbaos to get. Afterwhich, the whole family would just sit down in front of the TV and watch the funny variety shows and movies. i still like Kungfu Hustle the best. during sitting down, it's never possible to runaway from the questions from my relatives. like "When you intending to go after polytechnic?", "When you graduating?", "What are your grades like?" I've been hearing alot of these kind of questions since from the start of reunion dinner. It's not annoying, just tired of repeating. haha! but i know they are just concern about me. (: & i can't wait to open my angbaos! :D

&& Uncle says want to go Taiwan at the end of next month. Yeahyeah! I'm praying that he's going to fulfill what he said. :DD